Perth & District Historical Society

Perth & District Historical Society
Join us on November 17, for "The Lives of the Settlers", the immigrants' story as they settled into their new world.
William Lee's Family History - The Lee Family's Arrival in the Perth Military Settlement, 1816. See Perth History

We've opened a new section on our website all about routes the first settlers took to Perth in 1816. See See The 1816 Routes to Perth

How to find your ancestor's early property? See the Historic Mapping Project on the 200th Anniversary Page (bottom right)

A Walking Tour and Map of Historic Glen Tay Hamlet - see Documents on the Townships History Page

Do you know the person or persons who created our mystery 'WW II Victory Quilt? See the Mysteries Page.


See the 200th Anniversary Page

Welcome to the Perth & District Historical Society website. Our society is a non-profit, volunteer organisation dedicated to documenting and sharing the rich history of this area of Lanark County in eastern Ontario. The society provides a forum for the presentation and discussion of our history through monthly meetings and other events.

The intention of this website is to present, for the public, an on-line archive, and free access, to materials developed by our events and the efforts of our volunteers and supporters. The website documents a wide range of in-depth information on the long and interesting history of Perth and the neighbouring historical townships - formerly known as Bathurst, Burgess, South Sherbrooke, Drummond and North Elmsley, and now the Townships of Tay Valley and Drummond/North Elmsley.

We believe that if you have a passion for history, or are just curious about our past, you will find something of interest - and perhaps some surprises - in this collection that grows monthly. We would welcome your comments and contributions.

Perth, the Capital of the District of Dalhousie; from the N-East bank of the River Tay - painting by Thomas Burrowes, 1828, Archives of Ontario, I0002141

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