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200th BOOKS
  • At Home in Tay Valley - edited by Kay Rogers, with interviews, materials and photos by the residents of Tay Valley Township, and support from Tay Valley Township; Cost: $30,

  • Barns, a Reflection of the Times - by Claudia Smith, featuring barns of eastern Ontario, with a focus on Lanark County, and their evolution; Cost: $27.05, selected book stores, or call 613-256-1487,

  • First We Were Soldiers; the Long March to Perth, by Ron W. Shaw, Friesen Press,

  • Official 200th Anniversary celebration calendar - a wonderful anniversary memento that will become a family keepsake, and a practical guide to the 2016 events. See the poster for information. See the poster for information.

  • Influence & Ambition; First Persons of Perth, by Ron W. Shaw, reviews, and challenges, the colourful stories of the Perth Military Settlement's early dignitaries and characters, based on Rev. Bell and 17 other 'First Persons'. Available at The Book Nook, Perth Museum, Archives Lanark and Global Heritage Press.

Come back in February for a review of the 200th Anniversary celebration events and actvities

In 2016, this area of eastern Ontario will mark its 200th Anniversary - and preparations are underway to deliver a major celebration! As we move into 2016, this section of our website will provide links to the partner organisations involved in the celebration, as they develop and stage their events. See the sidebar menu to connect to these organisations.

Organising committees have been appointed for the Town of Perth, Tay Valley Township, and Drummond/North Elmsley Township. Further east, the Beckwith Township Heritage Committee will also be presenting anniversary events.

The 200th anniversary will mark the arrival of the first European settlers and War of 1812 veterans to this area. It will also celebrate the building of our communities through these 200 years, in the four municipalities. The celebration will honor our forebears, recognize their achievements, pay tribute to the First Nations, and commemorate this significant and enduring history through activities and events in these municipalities leading up to and during 2016. The celebration will, in particular, highlight the original historic municipalities of Perth, Bathurst, North Burgess, South Sherbrooke, Drummond, North Elmsley and Beckwith.

In March 2015, our historical society provided an early launch for the 200th Anniversary with the presentation, to each of the four municipalities, of a traditionally styled lantern, recognising the essential role that lanterns played in early settlement life. The lanterns also provide a means for member Councils to symbolically welcome the anniversary in 2016.

For a detailed history of the founding of this area, click here.

For a listing of important dates leading up to and during the founding of the Perth Military Settlement click here.

 Historical Mapping Project

Use the links below to find the names and locations of the earliest military personnel and settlers:

Perth Military Settlement Map - zoom in and place your cursor on any Lot to view the data.

Searchable Database: use the magnifying glass icon and enter family or transport ship names. Use the map icon for a map view.

Perth, the Capital of the District of Dalhousie; from the N-East bank of the River Tay - painting by Thomas Burrowes, 1828, Archives of Ontario, I0002141

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